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It was in 2006; The first meeting of BANG (Business and National Government) took place between Steve Yates and Hugo Brown of Barclay Simpson Recruitment Agency.

In 2008; BANG become more established as an informal trusted network, initially in London, for Business Continuity & Resilience Professionals working in the Private & Public sectors, being a free to join membership group where education of its Members was, and continues to be, at the centre of everything it carries out.

By 2009; BANG, using LinkedIn, was able to provide a conduit between its members across the world, forming sub-groups in London, Bristol, Leeds, Greater Manchester, Glasgow (Scotland), and later in Dublin, New York, Sydney and Qatar.

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In 2010; With the support of the BANG Chair, the University of Liverpool published a 3-year study on Business Continuity Management (BCM). Its main recommendation was that this subject matter needed to change, and that practitioners should now be developing a “Resilience Model”. However, although resilience had been recognised by Governments and Non-Governmental Organizations, there continues to be limited training and data available for development of this subject matter area. This led to a lack of trust regarding the calibre of current knowledge, and as such both corporate and individual practitioners have limited visibility on available information.

In 2019: BANG, having delivered its initial objective of bringing likeminded professionals together, now is ready to progress into a more formal organization. 

A committee was established and starting in February 2019 we moved forward with Resilience Association.

the Resilience Association is a non-profit organization focused on connecting people, content and ideas from across the resilience spectrum with the common aim of championing and improving organisational resilience. We do this by promoting open communication, sharing best practice and extending networks, knowledge and performance.


We strive to continue this well into the future

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